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Tina Sanchez - Gallstones
"Since I've been taking Cleanse Drops I have no pain"
(*Results may vary)

Larry Epstein - Kidney Stones
"Cleanse Drops really helped my kidney stones"
(*Results may vary)

Elisa Orosco - Gallstones
"I was so impressed. You saved me from surgery"
(*Results may vary)

Barbara - Kidney Stones
"To my amazement I passed a pretty large stone yesterday"
(*Results may vary)

Jeanie - Gallstones
"Cleanse Drops has just done amazing work."
(*Results may vary)

Andre Smith - Kidney Stones
"I started taking the drops & in two days the pain was gone."
(*Results may vary)

John M. - Gallstones
"After taking your Cleanse Drops I saw immediate relief."
(*Results may vary)

Keith Johnson - Kidney Stones
"The drops work really well for me. I've stopped taking my medication"
(*Results may vary)

John B. - Gallstones
"I have not had an attack in two to three months. I highly recommend"
(*Results may vary)

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★★★★★ My savior!

By Barbara Grace Gifford - Verified Purchase

I have a tendency to get kidney stones and this has worked really well for me! I start taking it at the first symptoms and they always go away! I am seriously grateful for this kidney stone cleanse. It has saved me from Drs. and hospitals many times.*

★★★★★ Cleanse Drops Work

By Dea Brown - Verified Purchase

Cleanse Drops alleviated symptoms of gallstones and kidney stones as well as digestive problems that I have had along with migraines for some years. Now I take Cleanse Drops morning and night as maintenance. When my daughter's doctor told her she needed a gall stone operation I told her about Cleanse Drops. She miraculously got relief. No longer needs the operation.*

★★★★★ They really work

By Roseann Noonan - Verified Purchase

These drops are very powerful and they do the job. Do not hesitate to give them a try. Even my doctor was amazed how they got rid of my kidney stones. I would highly recommend them for anyone who has had a problem with kidney stones. They really work. After passing a 7cm stone I was ready to try anything. I took the info to my urologist and he looked up the info for himself and told me try them. I have recommended them to several people and they have had good results too. They taste good too.

★★★★★ Forgot about the quack! This works!

By Kris Jennings - Verified Purchase

Discovered I had a 6mm kidney stone. (DON'T GO TO ER!!! Billed me +$6,000 for a CT scan) THe stone dislodged from the exit passage after driving over a bumpy road. Slept sitting up so the stone could not settle in the exit passage. Took Cleanse Drops for about a month. Had no pain or recurrence since so I assume the stone dissolved and I got rid of it. Try this first before going to a quack! They have no cure under $10,000! I am amazed at how they do not really look for a cure. Also drink lemon water!*

★★★★★ Passed 11 Gallstones

By Charlie Schabath - Verified Purchase

My wife was having a lot of pain for weeks. She had a lot of pain and discomfort throughout her entire torso, front and lower back. She had seen a doctor, then a specialist who ran tests including an ultrasound which showed she had gall stones. We ha also talked to a few friends who had their gall bladder remover and had the exact same symptoms before the surgery. The doctors had no sense of urgency and she was in a lot of pain. I started researching products online. I found cleanse drops and began reading reviews and every review I read on mtie websites was positive. I decided it was worth taking a chance, especially I it worked and she didn't have to have surgery. My wife began taking the cleanse drops on a Saturday and by Sunday night she started feeling relief. She passed at least 11 gall stones (this how many she actually saw). It has been almost two months since and she is back to normal. She also used the blue coconut colon cleanse which came free with the cleanse drops, and it actually seamed to work as well. Overall, we bought the products for about $150, compared to surgery, that's pretty inexpensive.*

★★★★★ Thank you for making this wonderful product

By Peter Pigon - Verified Purchase

I have been experiencing attacks of intense pain for approximately two years. I had surmised that it was possibly an ulcer or gallstones. I recently had an abdominal scan which confirmed inflammation and the presence of numerous gallstones. I was informed by the M.D. that removal of my gallbladder was necessary. I came across your website in my search for alternatives to surgery and ordered the product. I have been taking the product for approximately two weeks and other than a couple of minor episodes with pain my condition has improved significantly. After the first week I increased the dosage to 30 drops 3 times a day as I found that my tolerance to the product would allow this. I look forward to continued improvement as well as scheduling another abdominal scan upon completion of the protocol to confirm that the gallstones have been eliminated. I highly recommend this product to anyone with gallstones and those considering surgery. Thank you for making this wonderful product available and for offering people such as myself an alternative other than surgery.*

★★★★★ I'm amazed

By R. Pederson - Verified Purchase

I waited to find out the results from my doctor before I responded back to your company. I have had 4 lithotripsies to blast the kidney stones and one surgery when the blasting failed. I started to use the Cleanse Drops for three weeks and went for an Xray. The fragments from the blasting are totally gone and my doctor was very pleased. Normally they seem to have a little seperation anxiety and fine each other again and then I have to go thru the blasting once again. Thank you SO much for making a product that actually works. Sincerely, R. Pederson*


By Jill Augustine - Verified Purchase

I started taking this about 3 weeks ago. The first week I took 20 drops once in the morning (put it in a small amount of juice and swallowed it) then I got brave for week 2 and increased to 20 drops 2 or 3 times a day... I started to feel a little nausea so I thought maybe I was taking too much for my body. The third week I cut it back down to 20 drops once in the morning. I then had to go to the bathroom and WOW I saw gallstones (not to get too graphic). They were about the size of my finger nail and were yellow-green in color. I was told this would soften the gallstones into sludge but it not only did that but it also started to expel them from my liver/gallbladder. For about 24-36 hours more came out.... then my stomach started to settle (and the nausea was gone) THIS STUFF WORKS. I still can't believe it. My stomach is still tender from the 24-36 hour "experience" but every day I am improving. I'm not sure if I will need to do this again but after I see my doctor I will find out. I cannot wait to see how my energy/health improves. I already lost 30 pounds (in the last 4 months with diet change to healthier eating (lower carb/low sugar) + clearing out my liver/gallbladder). No more sugar cravings either - HERE'S TO IMPROVED HEALTH TO EVERYONE !!!!!!!! (don't forget to drink a lot of water throughout the day - KEY!)*

★★★★★ An Effective Method to Get Kidney Stones to Break Up and Exit

By Larry Alex - Verified Purchase

In the past six months, I've had two bouts with kidney stones. The last time, I was using a bunch of products at the same time, including Renavive (which Amazon sells and I take every day), apple cider vinegar (tastes vile), plus Cleanse Drops to try and pass a 7mm stone that initially was extremely painful. It did pass with very little pain after about two weeks, but it was hard to prove what actually helped it pass... possibly the entire regimen, and drinking 80 to 100 oz of water each day (around 1/2 my body weight in oz. of water).. Unfortunately, a bit over two weeks ago the pain started again, even though I've been taking the Renavive religiously each day. So I decided to ONLY use the Cleanse Drops this time. The symptoms subsided after a day, but I knew the stone was still there.from the constant urgency to go, but no pain. Then two days ago, the urgency got worse and the pain started. I used 3 "doses" of Cleanse drops, 20 drops morning and night on day 1, and 20 the morning of day 2. I got a CAT scan and they said it was 4mm in size. After several Advil to reduce the swelling, plus another (and last) 20 drops of Cleanse Drops, the stone passed this morning on second-round day 2, for a total of 16 days since I first felt it. Along with the stone were tiny grains that prove to me that the stone was broken up by the "stone crusher" herb Chanca Piedra in the Cleanse Drops formula BTW, I measured the stone and what the Dr. thought was 4mm was actually 6mm long by 2mm wide and looked like a tiny football. Anyway, the drops seemed to get this stone broken up and out of me two times now. I plan to start a 20 drop 3x per week regimen with Cleanse Drops for maintenance. I hope this review helps others.*

★★★★★ If you have gallstone issues, you need to try this product!!

By Lady Z - Verified Purchase

This is actually an update. I started the drops on June 25th, 2015. I stayed on the regular regimen for a little over 2 months, then dropped down to the maintenance dose. I had ONE, count 'em ONE, episode after starting the drops. I have not had any issues with gallstones since mid July of 2015 and we are half way through January of 2016. My stones were called "gravely" and not huge. But large enough to cause extreme discomfort when trying to pass. I just ordered another bottle of drops so I always have them on hand. These have worked so well for me, I am ecstatic! I do eat healthier than I used to and I did find that it helps a little to eat slower also. I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to be episode free for so many months. I try to remember to take the drops once a day 3 to 5 days a week. This was a God-send for me. *

★★★★★ Where In The World Did My Kidney Stone Go?

By Not Provided - Verified Purchase

What can I say to an X-ray that shows a Kidney Stone all during the week I was prescribed a prescription drug, and it didn't move at all. Then the following week after "adding" the Cleanse Drops (20-drops, 3 times daily), another subsequent X-rays doesn't show anything, and yet, nothing seemed to have "passed"? Is the Kidney stone stuck somewhere hidden from view? Did the kidney stone turn to dust? Did the kidney stone break up? I don't know! It's not there! All I can say is I'm still taking the Cleanse Drops, and will use it all up. There's no after effects, no pain, no kidney stone! Give it a try and be as baffled as I am!*

★★★★★ Roll Away The Stones

By Not Provided - Verified Purchase

After five days of using as directed I awoke at night with moderate abdominal pain. The next day I eliminated at least a portion of what I was told was a large gallstone. Same thing happened the next night. Definitely eliminated more "stone" like material. Finished the bottle I bought. Haven't felt anything since. Considering the size of the stone my Dr. said the Cleanse appeared to begin to dissolve the stone and it broke up and passed. The whole stone would not have passed as easily, if at all. Initially, I had my doubts. Definitely convinced now.*

★★★★★ Outstanding Product!

By Firecracker - Verified Purchase

Here is our experience: A relative, male/age 86, was in great pain and discomfort (under right rib + bloating, gas, severe constipation), to the point of having to go to the ER. Among other issues, the ultrasound showed his "gallbladder filled with stones" in the words of the surgeon. (Leading up to the trip to the ER, I suspected there was an issue with the gallbladder so I had ordered the CleanseDrops and thus had them on hand prior to the confirmed gallstones diagnosis). The first 20-drop dose was taken with a full glass of water before bed. By morning my relative reported a significant reduction in the pain. He suffered no discomfort whatsoever in taking the drops. The taste is very mild IMO. (Yes, I take the drops now, too - more as a preventive and/or to clear out any gallstones before there may be an issue!).*

★★★★★ Great Product

By Dale Edwards - Verified Purchase

I have tried numerous products for relief from gall stones and this seems to be one of the best out there. I have only been using it for about a week and a half and began feeling better just a couple of days after using it. If it continues to help, it will become a regular in my supplement regimen. So far I feel it is a great product and thankful I found it. It might seem expensive but if it works as well as seems to, the money has been well spent. I will definitely be ordering a second bottle when I am done with the first one.*

★★★★★ Relief for kidney stones

By Bob Schaller - Verified Purchase

Excellent product! It gets rid of the feeling to pee when you do not have to. The urologist just says drink water but offers no solution or remedy. I usually take 20 drops with a glass of water twice a day and have NOT had a painful kidney stone episode since I bought the drops at the end of July 2016. I had kidney and gall bladder stones which are small enough not to require surgery. . The drops do not upset my stomach at all!! A must to try!!*

★★★★★ Cleanse Drops are definitely AWESOME!!!

By Traci Carroll - Verified Purchase

Ive been using these cleanse drops 2-3 times per day for more than a couple weeks now and am amazed at how awesomely powerful this herb cleanse is! I've tried many types of herbal cleanses and am highly aware and sensitive to what is happening inside my physiology. I do feel movement of matter from my kidneys through my ureters and feel much lighter in my whole solar plexus area. I've noticed my circulation in my legs improving and I feel that my kidneys where functioning at a fraction of their capacity before. And wow is it great when they're available for optimal functionality!!! I feel that this cleanse is great! I was actually more concerned about my gallbladder even though I hadn't gone to the doctor to run tests I had experienced some symptoms of gallbladder issues over the years that were manageable. I am highly recommending Cleanse Drops to friends and family! *

★★★★★ Great, but....

By Alex G - Verified Purchase

I begin by saying it REALLY WORKS , but if you are in a lot of pain and want a quick relief it's not going to relieve you pain right away. It's a slow working medicine, I think it took me like 2 weeks to feel better. Also I felt a lot of nausea but the label read it's normal, so I reduced my dose to 2 a day, please drink tons of water it will help you with nausea and help you pass the stone. Another thing, it will give you heartburn , I recommend tums. It's been like more than a month now since I had this kidney stone of 6 mm and I'm happy to report I don't have any pain and I don't even know If I passed it, just occasionally I feel a little pinch in my lower abdomen, but I guess maybe that stone left a scar as it was passing. I'm going to see urologist in couple weeks to see if I passed it or not. But I highly recommend this product if you have a history of kidney stones, and more importantly take it as a preventive medicine it will help with future stones. THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS. and I really wish they could pay us for writing these reviews.*

★★★★★ Drops keep me out of the hospital

By Alex G - Verified Purchase

I have to say that I was skeptical at first. I suffer from chronic kidney stones. In 2014 I had at least 8. As soon as I pass or have one removed, within 4 to 5 weeks, I would have another. I like the Cleanse Drops because it is for the most part tasteless. I put 40 or more drops into a glass of water several times a day. Since starting on Cleanse Drops I have been able to control pain levels and have stayed out of the hospital. The last stone I had removed was 13 millimeters in size. When I am in pain, I double up on the drops. When the pain is minimal, I almost stop taking the drops. within a couple of weeks the stones are back and use the drops again. It works. The big thing with me is that I am staying out of the hospital.and I attribute it to the drops.*

★★★★★ The drops really help

By Erick Clavel - Verified Purchase

I got this drops for my dad because he was having a lot pain due to the kidney stones and doctors told him that he needed a surgery which he did not like that idea, and he asked me to look for something that might help him and did some research and found this cleanse drops, and they work miraculously because after trying a lot of other things my father was happy and not complaining any more for the pain that the stones were causing because this drops really help.*

★★★★★ It works!!!!!!

By Dennis Sousa - Verified Purchase

This stuff is AMAZING! In short - It Works! I had pain relief almost immediately! The Kidney stones started to pass much easier and with less pain! I suggest you try it, it worked for me!!!! I am now a repeat customer! The pain is gone and I am using it as a maintenance routine. I am VERY impressed with this product and have recommended it to my friends, doctor and nurses! It works better than advertised!*

★★★★★ Great product.

By Not Provided - Verified Purchase

Great product..cleared my kidney stones problem quickly..I give this product 10 stars.. can't believe how quickly it worked. This is alot cheaper than going to the doctor and having a huge medical bills. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!*


By Ashley McCrea - Verified Purchase

I saw the Great reviews for the drops and had to try them. I have been having gallbadder attacks twice a month before I started taking the drops. The pain was Horrible and I would end up at the ER wanting them to stop the pain. I was told by my doctor I have Numerous gallstones and she suggested that I have surgery to remove the gallbadder. Since I have been taking the drops I have had No Pain and no attacks. I am going to see about having another ultrasound. But in all honesty I thank God I found this product. It has truly been a Blessing to me. Please if you have pain and your skeptical about trying things Please try the drops They do Wonders! Thank you,*

★★★★★ I would give it 100 stars if I could! It REALLY Works!

By Mysmokey - Verified Purchase

I would give it 100 stars if possible! I ended up at the emergency room after thinking it was a horrible version of the stomach flu that I had and getting worse and not better after 5 days. I was in drop to the floor pain and had test after test done. It turned out that I had an inflamed gallbladder, kidney stone and a kidney cyst. It took days in between doctor visits and each one put me on a special diet until I saw the next one, all liquid or jello of course, but I was gaining weight and in pain. I was given pain pills and nausea pills that they give to chemo and radiation patients and its like I never took them, no difference at all. I could not stand the pain any longer and over the counter drugs didn't even touch it. So I did what anyone would do that is desperate for relief, went to the internet. This product came up and I read the glowing reviews and thought, what the heck, its natural, what do I have to lose here? GLAD I DID! I started them on 5/19/15 and after 20 minutes of getting these drops, my major pain was gone! And I no longer felt nauceous and thought, okay, I'll keep it up to see if it will work for me like it has for so many others. Then on 6/10, I had a CT Scan done and today, 6/15, my doctor said the kidney stone is gone! It is not showing on there now. So I am elated to say the least! Now, I was on it for 22 days before getting the great news, and on my third bottle, so, I will now start the maintenance part where it is 20 drops, 3-5 times a week now. I'm a true believer! I had no problems with these drops what so ever. No bad taste, it's like hot tea, and no burping, no nausea, no gas problems or bad after taste in my mouth, nothing! I usually put my drops in about an 1/8" of orange juice, or iced tea and had no problems at all. You don't want to water it down or thin it out, so use very little liquid, then add the 20 drops. And then ate half an hour later after each drop session. I did like it said in the directions, 20 drops first day, 40 drops the 2nd day, and 60 drops the 3rd day on until the stones pass, then maintenance drops. BUT, I NEVER saw the stone, and, other people have also mentioned they never saw theirs, but these are meant to break up and soften the stones to pass. So all I can think of is that it was broken down to the tiniest of grains and never saw it. But it is gone and I can relate it only to this product! Thank you! Now can you do an auto delivery shipment and discount to those who sign up for it? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!*

★★★★★ Hands down this is the best natural product that I have ever used

By Michelle Power - Verified Purchase

Hands down this is the best natural product that I have ever used...and I have used many!!!! I have been struggling with a gallbladder problem for a long time. However, over the past 6 weeks the pain has been unbearable!!! I had tried three flushes with minimal to no relief. So, I did what i often do and started researching holistic curres for gallbladder problems. Cleanse Drops (chanca piedra) came up as the number one product to take. Due to all the positive reviews, I was highly skeptical. However, the pain was too much, so I ordered this product. The first dose I could feel some movement in my digestive system, where I had not been feeling that. However, it has taken 2.5 weeks to have a noticable change in the pain. In fact, throughtout this process I'll have a good day and then an okay day! I totally believe this product is a life saver and I believe if I continue to take it, I will be 100%. I will write another review once I feel completely myself.*

★★★★★ cleanse drops Awesome

By Loretta Gitto - Verified Purchase

Awesome stuff cleanse drops had a 5 -3 and 1 mm kidney stone .diagnosed in march . Brother in law advised me to go on line to Amazon and order cleanse drops. Pain brought me to my knees. Ordered the drops and received a bottle in 3 days. Started taking the drops that evening and next morning as directed. After day 2 passed a lot of brown stuff. Called the Dr and she said wonderful. Haven't had a pain since late March. Going to stay the drops till my next Dr appointment. I will stay on maintenance as suggested. If your hurting you've got to try it.*

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