Cleanse Drops Study Results (as of January 2015)

This is interim report on prospective open-label study of effectiveness of “Cleanse Drops” as an agent, which may clear gallbladder calculus (stones).*

As of today 24 randomly selected patients with gallbladder calculus (sludge) participated in the study. There were 10 male, and 14 female patients. Patients took Cleanse Drops for 1-3 months and underwent ultrasound evaluation initially and then at 1 month and in 3 months.

2 patients terminated study for unclear reason.

2 patients developed side effects.

First patient developed neck pain, which stopped after medication was discontinued and returned after remedy was restarted.

Second case-exacerbation of hemorrhoids, but no bleeding.

The rest of 20 patients completed the study. End point was considered in case of absence of ultrasound evidence of gallbladder calculus (sludge) at 3 months of use of Cleanse Drops: 30 drops 3 times a day before meals with the ½ glass of water.

At the end of observation 4 patients (24%) of 19 achieved complete gallbladder clearance of calculus. In one case, control ultrasound after 3 months of treatment is still pending.

CONCLUSION: There is an ultrasound evidence that Cleanse Drops may be effective in clearance of gallbladder from calculus. Additional study is required.*

This study was conducted and funded by: Doctor Pokov M.D. L. Ac.


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