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The Top Rated Natural & Effective Gallstone + Kidney Stone Cleansing Formula*

Activate your body's natural ability to pass & clear stones, without discomfort or expensive surgery. Join thousands of people who have successfully cleansed their stones.*

Cleanse Drops’ "Stone-Breaker" Formula May Help You To:*

  • Clear Stones In The Gallbladder/Kidneys Naturally*
  • Soothe Discomfort & Dislodge Stones*
  • Keep Clear of Stones, Sand & Debris*
  • Avoid Expensive & Dangerous Surgical Extraction*

Cleanse Drops Helps Support:

Kidney Stones

Cleanse Drops works to support the Excretory system’s ability to eject stones from the kidney and pass them through the urinary system comfortably.*

Gallbladder Stones

Cleanse Drops works to support the Gallbladders ability to eject stones from the gallbladder and pass them through the digestive system.*

Liver Detox

Cleanse Drops works to support the Liver's ability to detoxify and cleanse impurities from the body and improve overall liver function.*

Cleanse Drops Customer Reviews:

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*Testimonials displayed on this site are from real Cleanse Drops users and reflect real life experiences of those individuals who have used the product. However, they are individual results and results can vary. We do not claim that every user will achieve the same results as the ones displayed on this site.

Tina Sanchez - Gallstones
"Since I've been taking Cleanse Drops I have no pain"*
(*Results may vary)

Larry Epstein - Kidney Stones
"Cleanse Drops really helped my kidney stones"*
(*Results may vary)

Elisa Orosco - Gallstones
"I was so impressed. You saved me from surgery"*
(*Results may vary)

★★★★★ My savior!

By Barbara Grace Gifford on June 26, 2017 - Verified Purchase

I have a tendency to get kidney stones and this has worked really well for me! I start taking it at the first symptoms and they always go away! I am seriously grateful for this kidney stone cleanse. It has saved me from Drs. and hospitals many times.*

★★★★★ Cleanse Drops Work

By Dea Brown on June 20, 2017 - Verified Purchase

Cleanse Drops alleviated symptoms of gallstones and kidney stones as well as digestive problems that I have had along with migraines for some years. Now I take Cleanse Drops morning and night as maintenance. When my daughter's doctor told her she needed a gall stone operation I told her about Cleanse Drops. She miraculously got relief. No longer needs the operation.*

★★★★★ They really work

By Roseann Noonan on March 11, 2017 - Verified Purchase

These drops are very powerful and they do the job. Do not hesitate to give them a try. Even my doctor was amazed how they got rid of my kidney stones. I would highly recommend them for anyone who has had a problem with kidney stones. They really work. After passing a 7cm stone I was ready to try anything. I took the info to my urologist and he looked up the info for himself and told me try them. I have recommended them to several people and they have had good results too. They taste good too.

★★★★★ Forgot about the quack! This works!

By Kris Jennings on November 28, 2016 - Verified Purchase

Discovered I had a 6mm kidney stone. (DON'T GO TO ER!!! Billed me +$6,000 for a CT scan) THe stone dislodged from the exit passage after driving over a bumpy road. Slept sitting up so the stone could not settle in the exit passage. Took Cleanse Drops for about a month. Had no pain or recurrence since so I assume the stone dissolved and I got rid of it. Try this first before going to a quack! They have no cure under $10,000! I am amazed at how they do not really look for a cure. Also drink lemon water!*

★★★★★ Passed 11 Gallstones

By Charlie Schabath - Verified Purchase

My wife was having a lot of pain for weeks. She had a lot of pain and discomfort throughout her entire torso, front and lower back. She had seen a doctor, then a specialist who ran tests including an ultrasound which showed she had gall stones. We ha also talked to a few friends who had their gall bladder remover and had the exact same symptoms before the surgery. The doctors had no sense of urgency and she was in a lot of pain. I started researching products online. I found cleanse drops and began reading reviews and every review I read on mtie websites was positive. I decided it was worth taking a chance, especially I it worked and she didn't have to have surgery. My wife began taking the cleanse drops on a Saturday and by Sunday night she started feeling relief. She passed at least 11 gall stones (this how many she actually saw). It has been almost two months since and she is back to normal. She also used the blue coconut colon cleanse which came free with the cleanse drops, and it actually seamed to work as well. Overall, we bought the products for about $150, compared to surgery, that's pretty inexpensive.*

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is so important to us that we offer an you an extended 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
What that means to you is that if within 90 Days of your cleanse you are not satisfied with your cleansing process then simply return your bottles, used or unused, and you will be refunded in full (minus shipping costs). We can successfully offer this honor system refund policy because we know our product works and believe in trusting our customers to be honest about their experiences.

Get on the road to naturally cleansing your stones once and for all!*

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